Trefoil Cable Cleat - Aluminium

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Trefoil Cable Cleat - Aluminium

* Aluminium alloy cable cleat

* 24mm - 76mm diameter cables in trefoil, 33 sizes available

* Can be used on all types of cable routes

* Supplied complete with top fastenings

* Single bolt fixing

* Also available in 2 hole fixing design

* Plain finish for indoor dry normal industrial use or outdoor unpolluted areas

* Operating temperature -60° to +100°C

Reference: 376AC

Whilst Selectus LLP endeavours to ensure the information on the website, specification sheets and all other technical information is accurate, the information is for guidance only and it is subject to change without notice or liability. Selectus LLP is not responsible for the consequences of any inadequacies, inaccuracies or other deficiencies contained therein. When selecting cable accessories, please note that the actual cable dimensions may vary due to manufacturing tolerances.  

Technical Information

Batt Part No. Core Size Colour/Reference Quote
90401 10 27mm-27mm Plain Get Quote
90217 10 27mm-28mm Plain Get Quote
90220 10 28mm-30mm Plain Get Quote
90373 10 30mm-32mm Plain Get Quote
90221 10 32mm-34mm Plain Get Quote
90374 10 34mm-35mm Plain Get Quote
90229 10 35mm-36mm Plain Get Quote
90375 10 36mm-38mm Plain Get Quote
90400 10 38mm-40mm Plain Get Quote
90232 10 40mm-41mm Plain Get Quote
90376 10 41mm-43mm Plain Get Quote
90405 10 43mm-44mm Plain Get Quote
90233 10 44mm-46mm Plain Get Quote
90399 10 46mm-48mm Plain Get Quote
90234 10 48mm-49mm Plain Get Quote
90377 10 49mm-51mm Plain Get Quote
90406 10 51mm-53mm Plain Get Quote
90336 10 53mm-54mm Plain Get Quote
90235 10 54mm-55.5mm Plain Get Quote
90407 10 55.5mm-57mm Plain Get Quote
90408 10 57mm-59mm Plain Get Quote
90409 10 59mm-60mm Plain Get Quote
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