Marine Switchboard Wire

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Application: Used as fixed installation cables in various electromechanical and
electronic equipment. Since it has type approval, it can be used in marine switchboards. Usable at all conditions in marine environment such as dry, wet or oily locations. Due to its' halogen free and flame retardant features, it won't create corrosive gases and prevents the fire from spreading around. Thus it protects human life and equipment, during a fire.
Halogen free, Flame retardation, low smoke density and oil resistant.
Conductor: Electrolytic, stranded, annealed copper wire IEC 60228 Class 5

Insulation: Halogen free, flame retardant, cross-linked polyolefin compound (HF90).

Colour: Black, Red, Green/Yellow, Blue and other colours available on request

Working Temperature: -40°C / +90°C

Min bending radius (fixed): 4 x overall diameter

Rated voltage: 0.6 / 1kV

Test voltage: 3.5kV

Approvals: ABS, BV, GL, DNV, LR and GL

Standards: Construction : IEC 60092/353
Tests and materials : IEC 60092 /350-351-359
Flame retardation : IEC 60332 /1, IEC 60332 / 3 Cat A
Halogen content : IEC 60754 / 1 - 2 ,
Smoke density: IEC 61034 / 1-2 (DIN EN 50268/1-2)

Whilst BATT CABLES plc endeavours to ensure the information on the website, specification sheets and all other technical information is accurate, the information is for guidance only and it is subject to change without notice or liability. Batt Cables Plc is not responsible for the consequences of any inadequacies, inaccuracies or other deficiencies contained therein. When selecting cable accessories, please note that the actual cable dimensions may vary due to manufacturing tolerances.  

Technical Information

Batt Part No. Core Size Colour/Reference Quote
14615 1 0.75 Black Get Quote
14616 1 1.5 Black Get Quote
14617 1 2.5 Black Get Quote
14618 1 4 Black Get Quote
14619 1 6 Black Get Quote
14620 1 10 Black Get Quote
14621 1 25 Black Get Quote
14622 1 35 Black Get Quote
14623 1 50 Black Get Quote
14624 1 1.5 Green/Yellow Get Quote
14625 1 2.5 Green/Yellow Get Quote
14626 1 16 Green/Yellow Get Quote
14627 1 0.75 Red Get Quote
14628 1 1.5 Red Get Quote
14629 1 2.5 Red Get Quote
14630 1 1.5 Blue Get Quote
14631 1 2.5 Blue Get Quote
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