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Description: Marine approved fibre cable

Cable type: QFCI

Buffer type: Loose tube

Inner covering / inner sheath: Inner taping (fire resistant mica/glass layer)

Armour: Galvanised steel wire braid

Outer sheath: Thermoplastic compound (halogen free) SHF1,Black

Number of fibres: Max 48

Number of fibres per tube: Max 12

Loose buffer tube: PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate)

Filler: Polyethylene rods if necessary

Filling compound in loose buffer tube: Thixotropic jelly compound

Tube wrapping tape: Each tubes are protected by fire resistant mica tape

Water blocking material: Water blocking yarn around the CSM (to prevent the ingress of water)

Central strength member: Galvanised steel wire strength member (with polymer over coat if necessary)

Core wrapping tape: Water blocking tape (to prevent the ingress of water)

Inner jacket: LSZH compound, Thickness: Min average 1.2mm

Metallic armour: Galvanised steel wire braid (GSWB), Diameter: approx. 0.3mm, Coverage: min 85%

Outer jacket: LSZH compound, Black, Thickness: min average 1.5mm

Fibre and loose buffer tube identification:
1: Blue
2. Orange
3. Green
4. Brown
5. Slate
6. White
7. Red
8. Black
9. Yellow
10. Violet
11. Pink
12. Aqua

Standards: DNV Marine Approval

Whilst Selectus LLP endeavours to ensure the information on the website, specification sheets and all other technical information is accurate, the information is for guidance only and it is subject to change without notice or liability. Selectus LLP is not responsible for the consequences of any inadequacies, inaccuracies or other deficiencies contained therein. When selecting cable accessories, please note that the actual cable dimensions may vary due to manufacturing tolerances.   

Technical Information


Batt Part No. Core Size Colour/Reference Quote
93526 4 Fibre 9 / 125 Single mode Black
93527 8 Fibre 9 / 125 Single mode Black
93528 12 Fibre 9 / 125 Single mode Black
93519 4 Fibre 62.5 / 125 OM1 Black
93521 8 Fibre 62.5 / 125 OM1 Black
93522 12 Fibre 62.5 / 125 OM1 Black
93514 24 Fibre 62.5 / 125 OM1 Black
93530 4 Fibre 50 / 125 OM2 Black
93531 8 Fibre 50 / 125 OM2 Black
93532 12 Fibre 50 / 125 OM2 Black
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